days to go


We are planning on MASSIVE improvements this year including line-up, sound, facilities, food options and much much more!


Drops festival crew is all about sharp, clear and powerful sound. We believe that a true psychedelic experience on the dancefloor can only be achieved through pure frequencies flowing in your brain from a high-end soundsystem

We are glad to inform you that one of the best soundsytems in the world is going to blast at our festival.


The unparalleled LAMBDA LABS QX3 sounsystem from Austria will blast the Hallucinatorium.

It has been dubbed The best fully hornloaded system in the world and we weren’t surprised when we heard those babies roar for the first time.


Cage stage will be powered by FUNKTION ONE, a standard at any quality electronic music party. It’s inventor, Tony Andrews is considered a guru and inventor in sound technology. One of the best subs out there!